To My Dearest Kimberly

Kris Jenner Wedding Day Message Kim Kardashian


I still remember you as a little girl playing dress up in my closet like it was yesterday!! I can’t believe the time has flown by so fast.. I am so very proud of you and I am so happy you have found such happiness!

I know you and Kris will be very happy together and you have found someone to grow old with. You will always be my little princess angel, and you are going to make the most amazing wife. You are truly blessed.

I love you with all my heart, Mommy xo


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  1. katiexoxo |  Posted at 5:41 am Aug 20th

    Congratulations Kim & Kris! xoxo

  2. aamaziing |  Posted at 6:10 am Aug 20th

    This picture is so cute! Best wishes to Kim and Kris from Sweden! :)

  3. kategillian |  Posted at 6:51 am Aug 20th

    such a beautiful post, kris. congratulations to YOU on your daughter’s wedding! you’ve raised her well and i’m sure like with khloe’s wedding you have worked your *** off to make it work!

  4. Sacha |  Posted at 6:59 am Aug 20th

    Awww Kris thats so sweet!

  5. paulabascur |  Posted at 8:01 am Aug 20th

    KRIS: i think you’re sooo proud of Kim right now. Plis let her now that all her fans are supporting her and wishing her luck today!!. And you guys as members of the family have fun , because you’ve worked for this wedding too. I bealieve you’re an amazing mom to kim, cause you have always supported her. WISH ALL OF YOU LUCK, AND HAVE A GREAT TIME!!
    Paula :)

  6. DanielKardashian |  Posted at 8:25 am Aug 20th

    Can’t believe it’s here! I’m soooo happy/excited for her! Your message is sweet. Love it! Sending Kim and Kris my best wishes.

  7. Pik -ica |  Posted at 9:26 am Aug 20th

    I send this message to Kim blog but i must send this her :


    It’s your Wedding Day KIM <3 KRIS
    So perfect and fine,
    With all your friends round you
    To have a good time.
    And we wish you much happiness
    Starting your lives as one,
    Always give love to each other
    With lots of laughter and fun XOXO YAY HAPPY FOR YOU =)))

  8. livelovelaugh |  Posted at 11:13 am Aug 20th

    This picture is PRECIOUS Kris!!!!!! Thanks for sharing with us! Best wishes for Kim and Kris as they start their lives together today! I know Kim will have a tear in her eye when she reads this, I surely did. Tell Kim to enjoy herself the most today because it goes so fast, just to take it all in!!!!We cannot wait to see her in her wedding gown, she will to be just STUNNING! She was in your dress!

  9. Violeta Stefanovic |  Posted at 11:45 am Aug 20th

    Congratulations Mama! All the best!

  10. Renea Jordan |  Posted at 12:51 pm Aug 20th

    It’s you against the world:
    Kim and Kris, many blessings on a long and healthy marriage. Stay strong and true to yourselves and keep GOD first. Enjoy your day and take care of each other in all you do. Congratulations!!! : )

  11. lindasgirl808 |  Posted at 1:24 pm Aug 20th

    Congrats to Kimmie, love her and all of the Kardashian Dolls and many, many many well wishes to her & Kris on her special day…. God Bless

  12. iiluvpinkhearts |  Posted at 1:35 pm Aug 20th

    Wishing You God’s Blessing on Your Wedding Day..and may He always be the heart of your marriage,the light of your home,and the ever-present partnerin your life together.Congratulations

  13. Ashley Dollface |  Posted at 4:19 pm Aug 20th

    .congrats kim you are going to beautiful on your wedding day =)

  14. YumYum |  Posted at 6:41 pm Aug 20th

    I give it 6 months at best, they are both immature and prima donna’s, I wonder when Kris will start whoring out her two youngest daughters, Kris=Pimp, anything for $$$, soooo sad, ride that gravy train scott, choo-chooooooo.

  15. axlsmagazine |  Posted at 10:27 pm Aug 20th

    Kris, this nearly made me cry…in fact, I am crying. I love you so much, & your daughters & Rob. I love your shows &d each one of you are so special to me in your own way. If Kim is reading this, Kim I been buggin’ ya for a quick “HI” tweet to me (JANA CREEL) & will probably bug you some more; it’d mean everything to me. But this is all about YOU!! Beautiful, classic, fun, fabulous KIM. WOW. You’re married. I’m just a 50 yr old fan feeling like somehow I know you, & am crying as a mom would! {{ wipes tears away }} I wish you & your new husband the very, very best of everything. Don’t take ONE SINGLE MOMENT of any of this, and what’s to come, for granted. My amazing hubby died in Sept. 07 & this sorrow never ends. Don’t miss ONE single opportunity to show & tell each other how much you love each other. Congratulations!!! YAY!! You’re married. So happy for you, proud for you & I just believe your dad is looking down on you, this day of love for you, smiling & giving his heavenlyl blessing. All my love & best wishes to you & hubby today. God bless you. “Champagne kisses, hold me in your lap of luxury; I only wanna fly first classes desires, you’re my limosine…” That line from the Gwen Stafani song”Luxurious” reminds me of you so much today. Happy Day Kim, & happy rest of your life together. Your fans really loev and adore and admire you so much, even the “old” ones like me! CONGRATULATIONS. {{ hugs & kisses)) Best to you both…ALWAYS….xxoo

  16. valeriavm |  Posted at 1:08 am Aug 21st

    ohh , so sweet . My best wishes for kimmie ! congratulations for her wedding ! and God bless the JennerKardashian, OdomKardashian, HumphriesKardashian, KardashianDisick .. finally the whole fam ! love

  17. Sandy_baby |  Posted at 9:21 am Aug 21st

    Dear Kris, you are so blessed with you family…i think you are a great mother and wife..i hope you guys had amazing time at the wedding…cant wait to see more baby Kardashians :)) you are a true role model of how a huge family can grow in love and such happiness….I adore you all :)))

  18. a.jdoll |  Posted at 11:10 am Aug 21st

    This is such a beautiful tribute to such a beautiful person! Congratulations to Kim and Kris I wish you every happiness in your long marriage, Kim will make a wonderful wife! xxxx

  19. heatherwelsh424 |  Posted at 6:15 pm Aug 21st

    Hi Kris! Great job raising your amazing kids. I watch all the episodes that your family has and I’ve notice how great you are at marketing them. I have posted a comment for Khloe on her website and I was wondering if you might help convince her on the business proposition I approached her with. We don’t have a lot of money but we aren’t poor, however entering the business is quite expensive. I am willing to give it a shot. She is an amazing person and so nuturing I know she would be the perfect choice. In just starting to follow in your footsteps I hope to get my kids into the same things, knowing Khloe’s love for children and how she wants one so desperately I figured it would be a great opportunity to have her help me market mine. I don’t know anything about the biz or marketing however I am six weeks away from earning my Associates Degree in Business Management. So I am hoping you could help! Email me and I will explain further at I love all you dolls and would love to have you guys involved in making my family an extension of the Kardashian love.

  20. Gemski |  Posted at 3:44 am Aug 22nd

    Cannot wait to watch the wedding when it’s aired on E!. So sad we have to wait until October before it is shown in the UK (Not sure if its the same in US) – Roll on October!!!!! Congratulations… xxxxxx

  21. smileykardashianno1fan |  Posted at 9:33 am Aug 22nd

    Kris I love watching your show and was so excited to learn that you had a blog set up recently :-) I’m also excited to learn that you are putting together a fashion line with QVC. I love your style of clothing and am eagerly awaiting for it to become available for purchase :-)

  22. jojoxox |  Posted at 11:41 am Aug 22nd

    OMG! this picture of kimmie is the most adorable thing i have ever seen! soo cute! congrats to the happy couple and family! xo love all you guys!

  23. Cindy Fernandez Bertematti |  Posted at 6:04 pm Aug 22nd

    Kim and Kris There is no doubt the wedding was beautiful esp. with the money you spent on it. But I’m sure mom will recupe some selling whatrever she can. BUT DEAR KiM AND KRIS BOTH OF YOU MUST BE NUTS AND NEED TO RETURN BACK TO EARTH TO COMPARE YOUR WEDDING TO THE ROYAL WEDDING. IS YOUR EGO REALLY THAT BIG. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

  24. Linnéa Hanson |  Posted at 11:48 pm Aug 22nd

    That is really cute! Can’t wait for the wedding episode to launch! I love you guys, all my love from Sweden!

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