Throwback Thursday: Little Kourtney and Kim on Halloween

Kris Jenner Kim Kourtney Halloween Childhood Photo

I was looking through old pics last week around the house and found this one of Kim and Kourtney when they were kids all dressed up for Halloween. Halloween has always been a big thing for our family. I love to go all out and decorate the house from top to bottom. Who doesn’t love a good holiday complete with costumes, decorations and candy!?

What are you all dressing up as this year?


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  1. abbajhj |  Posted at 9:55 am Oct 25th

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  2. mandge2004 |  Posted at 12:24 pm Oct 25th

    My two littles ones are going to be Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They are 11 months a part. :) Last year I dressed my oldest daughter up as a ladybug, my other little girl was a bumble bee, and my son was a lion. This halloween is going to be a difficult one, as my oldest daughter will not be here to spend it with us. We lost her last year, three days after Halloween.

    • camaromama |  Posted at 8:58 pm Oct 25th

      Mandge2004, Your post really choked me up. Sooo very sorry for your loss. Will be praying for you this Halloween season.

  3. Jennifer Miller |  Posted at 8:40 pm Oct 25th

    Ill be a bank robber and my 2 boys are going to be money bags! Cant wait to dress up!

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