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Loving My Friend Rita Wilson’s Amazing New Christmas Songs!

Kris Jenner - My Friend Rita Wilson's New Christmas Songs
Lovvving my good friend @ritawilson‘s amazing Christmas songs! You can download them on iTunes now! Gets me in the festive mood!

Here’s a pic of us in Cabo recently with all of our closet girl friends! Love you guys! XOXO

My Night with Lance Bass and Rita Wilson

  • Kris Jenner Rita Wilson Concert
  • Kris Jenner Rita Wilson Concert Performance
  • Kris Jenner Rita Wilson at The Grill
  • Kris Jenner Rita Wilson Concert AM/FM CD
  • Kris Jenner Rita Wilson Concert Dinner

Kris Jenner Lance Bass Rita Wilson Concert

Last night I attended Rita Wilson’s concert with Lance Bass and a group of friends at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills. Before her performance we enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Grill. It was great catching up with all my friends and hearing Rita rock out on stage. She performed songs from her album “AM/FM” – Covers of her favorite songs from the 70’s. Her performance blew me away and now I can’t stop singing the lyrics to some of the songs she sang last night. You can buy her album at the iTunes store.

Congrats on the amazing performance, Rita!

Look Who Crashed Our Party!

Mobile Update

Kris Jenner Kathy Griffin Crashed Party

Uh @RitaWilson look who crashed our party!!! @kathygriffin JUST SAYIN ! Love my dolls especially Shelli Azoff #lovecake