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Billboards Are Going Up! So Exciting!

Mobile Update

Kris Jenner - Billboards Are Going Up!

Want To Be a Jenner-Kardashian For a Day?

If you would like the chance to come be a part of the Jenner-Kardashian clan for one day, now is your chance! Starting today through July 14th, you can enter on Facebook here, or here if you are a mobile user. Winners will be flown out to LA with a friend, put up in a fancy hotel, get a spa treatment with me, and much much more!! For all the details, visit the web page here, and tell all your friends about it! Good luck! XOXO

When & Where??

Kris Jenner - When & Where?

My show is going to be a total party. And with any party, you need to know the details of when and where! So here are the times and channels where the show will be airing! Mark your calendars, and spread the word!!! xoxo

My Gift To You!

Kris Jenner - Nobody Will Leave Empty-Handed!

You guys know how much I love you. And I’m going to prove it when you come visit me on my show! All audience members of my talk show will receive fabulous treats and surprises in their goody bags! Nothing feels better than being able to give back to my dolls! Go get your tickets now!! xoxoxo