Pastor Brad’s New Book

Kris Jenner Pastor Brad Book Four Laws Forgiveness

I love my Pastor’s book, The Four Laws of Forgiveness: How to Forgive Yourself and Others. Pastor Brad Johnson has been a close family friend for many years and is an amazing pastor!

His book is available on Amazon now!



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  1. @Kardash_Ireland |  Posted at 3:00 pm Jan 31st

    I bet it is a great book..

    If you see this comment please show this vdieo to Khloe

  2. Jacqueline Eleby |  Posted at 10:50 pm Jan 31st

    Mrs. Kris Jenner

    I have to next big thing for Kim and all i ask is for five mins of your time.
    This IDEA will take Kim to the next level and earse most of the negative from her
    marriage to Kris.

    But it would be a GREAT opportunity for a few people and OVERWHELMING for her and her career
    please give me to opportunity to tell you my thoughts i have nothing to lose and Kim
    has everything to GAIN from this, it brilliant. BIBLE!

    You have my name and you can contact me on Facebook ! I don’t need you number i would
    be glad to give you mind. PEOPLE WILL REMEMBER THIS FOR A LIFETIME!


  3. susanne |  Posted at 12:56 am Feb 1st

    Dear Kris

    I´m Writting from Denmark…yes far away…. :o)
    You always look amazing… I was wondering, if you would be so kind, to share what nailpolish,I think it looks white or baby pink, You wear a lot of the time ?? Thank you so much. Susanne :o)

  4. ksadnfhvbj |  Posted at 1:50 am Feb 1st


  5. lizgal66 |  Posted at 3:10 pm Feb 2nd

    love it! love you kris your so gorgeous thanks for all the great updates! mwah

  6. anitam |  Posted at 3:46 pm Feb 6th

    hi please visit my blog

  7. DanielKardashian |  Posted at 9:38 am Feb 9th

    I need to get this book!

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