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Kris Jenner Lance Bass Rita Wilson Concert

Last night I attended Rita Wilson’s concert with Lance Bass and a group of friends at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills. Before her performance we enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Grill. It was great catching up with all my friends and hearing Rita rock out on stage. She performed songs from her album “AM/FM” – Covers of her favorite songs from the 70’s. Her performance blew me away and now I can’t stop singing the lyrics to some of the songs she sang last night. You can buy her album at the iTunes store.

Congrats on the amazing performance, Rita!


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  1. Dizideb |  Posted at 5:00 pm Jul 16th

    Isn’t it time to grow up and respect your husband. Your children are more adult then you!!!

    • Emilie Lucero Blucher |  Posted at 6:05 pm Jul 16th

      Um you do know that guy she is posing with is in fact gay right and a family friend.

  2. Windows_1977 |  Posted at 10:55 pm Jul 17th

    10% Yea, for sure she needs to stop acting like such a hog-let & stop being so disrespectful….not only just to her husband (who should divorce her pimp-a**!) She disrespects her ENTIRE family by lying all of the time via making things look not-what-they-are all of the time, twists things around to make things look “okay”, such as when kimmy cakes didnt want to pose nude for Playboy, she wanted that 10% SO BAD that she sat there & CONVINCED kimmy cakes it was & would be fine to do, all the while telling Bruce she’s not pimping out her dsughter in the meantime; Bruce was right….that IS pimping out her hog-let daughter & he should get the balls to stop that nonsence behavior….all for the “almighty dollar” in the hog’s eyes. I’m POSITIVE that if she reafs this, she’ll CONVINCE Bruce(like she does w/everyother family member) how him saying wtf he said to her in the episode about going against her decision, that she’ll sit there until he’s convinced, by lying & bullsh*ting until she gets her way…..again, like she does with EVERYONE ELSE AROUND HER. I gotta give it to her….she IS GOOD! BUT….one shouldn’t be so dishonest & decieving to one’s OWN FAMILY!!! That’s DISGUSTING to me!

  3. Shells |  Posted at 10:12 am Jul 18th

    Kris, where is Bruce. When did you become such a media hog. I now know why your kids are so screwed up. Kourtney has anger issues, Kim has no self confidence, Rob has no self confidence, Kylie isn’t smart in school and the only one who is about normal is Khloe. It is okay to manage your kids but you need to raise them as well. You can let Bruce (the best thing in your life) go if you want, but lightening only strikes once. When I first started watching the show you were a great mother but now, you think you are one of the girls when in fact you are old and look rather silly at times. You need to grow up, manage them if you must but act like a mother. You should have been home but instead you are running the streets like you have no husband or family.

    • Matthew Jahnke |  Posted at 5:20 pm Jul 30th

      Bruce is in London! He is covering the Olympucs!

  4. Haidee De Fraine |  Posted at 11:48 am Jul 18th
  5. Terri_T |  Posted at 9:55 am Jul 23rd

    What kind of an ORDAINED MINISTER are you Kris??????? Who wants a woman minister to marry them who’s hobby is commiting adultery every chance she can grab? It is sickening what people “CHOOSE” to script for a show when all they do is show their worst of each other. SAD FAMILY.
    I quit watching as of now. ..Hope that’s what your goal was kris

  6. MissVit |  Posted at 10:36 am Jul 30th

    I think the Jenners and Kardashians are funny and display a very healthy family environment. Reading the previous comments its reassuring to know that my family is also far from perfect like the kardashians/jenners and even though some decisions made are not always well thought through there is no hint of judgement! If my mum made it her mission in life to ensure I had everything I ever wanted, and was able to fulfil my dreams then I would always be thankful and respectful of that. I think its a breath of fresh air to know that mistakes can be made but your family will always stand by you! Kris Jenner is my hero and having just become a mother I know that everything she does she will always be thinking of her kids! UK fan no1 xox

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