My Memoir: ‘Kris Jenner & All Things Kardashian’

Kris Jenner Memoir Book All Things Kardashian

» See the full-size version of my memoir cover here.

Hi dolls!!!!!! Guess what!? I’m releasing a memoir!!! I am really excited to share my life story up until now with all of you. There are lots of great stories about my journey, and I had the best time reminiscing while I was writing it!

It will be released on November 1 with Simon and Schuster!! I can’t wait!


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  1. DASHJENNERATION |  Posted at 3:14 pm Aug 10th

    ahhh this is so exciting!!!! when can we pre-order?

  2. KJennerSource |  Posted at 3:15 pm Aug 10th


  3. KJennerSource |  Posted at 3:18 pm Aug 10th

    It would mean ALOT if you showed @KylieJenner my fansite dedicated to her! :]

  4. LBarboza07 |  Posted at 3:19 pm Aug 10th

    YAY, CANT WAIT :)…Im a HUGE fan & you Kris really INSPIRE ME..I would LUV to meet with you..I have sent you a few emails but I know how crazy/busy your life is.

  5. Julie Ryan |  Posted at 4:54 pm Aug 10th

    Awesome:) Can’t wait!!!!!!!

  6. Shaw Ashley |  Posted at 4:59 pm Aug 10th

    yayyyy!!!! this will be intresting!!

  7. Karina Garcia |  Posted at 5:17 pm Aug 10th

    iam a huge fan of youre daughters kris their such good role models for every young grl out there you guys are amazing and you are such a great mom and role model as well god bless you and youre family always i hope i get the chance to meet you one day anywere lol xoxoxo:)keep up the good work!

  8. Courtney Earll |  Posted at 5:29 pm Aug 10th

    This is so AWESOME! I’m so excited to buy a copy!

  9. Laurie Sayles |  Posted at 5:52 pm Aug 10th

    Oh you beautiful doll! Can not wait to get my hands on this book! Any ideas when it will be available?

  10. Yolanda Avila |  Posted at 6:20 pm Aug 10th

    AMAZINGLY excited for you kris your a great WIFE, AND MOTHER………..SUPER EXCITED for all the new things coming this year!!!!!!!

  11. Kerry Loy Jones |  Posted at 8:49 pm Aug 10th

    I often found my daughter, Taia, watching the Kardashian series as i passed through the loungeroom on the way to work. Getting frustrated with me asking ” which one was that ” & ” who is who again ” she made me sit down & watch it. WELL I have watched Series 1234 over & over also. Still waiting on Series 5 here in Australia & am now also looking forward to your book : )
    You are such an inspirational, caring person & I admire the closeness you have with your beautiful family. You should be very proud. Congratulations : ) Oh & welcome to FB.

  12. BRWishBracelet |  Posted at 9:07 pm Aug 10th

    Hi Kris,

    We love your tv show! So hilarious!

    The Brazilian Wish Bracelet Team

  13. georgia |  Posted at 3:25 am Aug 11th

    I can’t wait to read it!

  14. katieeHoltt |  Posted at 7:10 am Aug 11th

    Hi Kris,
    we all love your TV show over here in England and we all thourth is was so sweet and so kind when use took in that homeless guy “shorty” that was just so unbelievably sweet of you guys and that just proves how willing you are to help others. big love from England <3 xx

  15. Chee Seng Fong Privé |  Posted at 7:27 am Aug 11th

    Hey doll, I’m soooo excited for your upcoming memoir, but I just want to know will it be in Borders worldwide so that everyone could get a copy? :))

  16. carlitasway |  Posted at 11:53 am Aug 11th

    Kris you so rock..i will definitely read your book…good luck to you!

  17. Sal N Gina Ibarra |  Posted at 1:02 pm Aug 11th

    Nice. Can’t wait. I will be looking out for it. :)

  18. GabriellaPollak |  Posted at 3:58 am Aug 12th

    Omg, can’t wait!! That’s amazing! I hope it will be released in Sweden too :)

  19. aamaziing |  Posted at 1:53 pm Aug 15th

    So exciting!! I just found out that it will be released in Sweden November 24th, can’t wait!! :)

  20. Jillian18 |  Posted at 6:42 pm Aug 15th

    Looking forward to it!

  21. DanielKardashian |  Posted at 5:56 pm Oct 20th

    So excited for this mama! I’m coming :)

  22. DanielKardashian |  Posted at 5:57 pm Oct 20th

    So excited for this mama! I’m getting it :)

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