My Daughters & I Have an Amazing Relationship

Kris Jenner responds to In Touch Magazine Cover Story Monster Momager

Yet another ridiculous story. I never threw a party anywhere on April 22nd, however our entire family was in NYC filming season 7 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and having the time of our lives!! My daughters and I have an amazing relationship and I feel like the luckiest mom in the world to spend such quality time with all my kids and my grandson! We are truly blessed!!! Happy Mothers Day!!!


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  1. Ronda Lion |  Posted at 10:03 am May 9th

    Happy Mother’s Day…

  2. 'Marney C Webster |  Posted at 10:07 am May 9th

    Well I guess you get what you pay for,this mag is under $3,cheap and trashy!!and right before mother’s day,no class whatsoever!!!

  3. tabo94 |  Posted at 10:11 am May 9th

    happy mother’s day beautiful
    you are a super mom !!

  4. Debbie Pytlik |  Posted at 11:25 am May 9th

    That’s terrible ! Can’t you sue these mags. Happy Mom’s Day ! Keep Giving us the Truth and hopefully no one buys this poop.

  5. Bev Black Driscoll |  Posted at 11:27 am May 9th

    This magazine always has lies and trash in it!

  6. Tasneem Filaih |  Posted at 11:49 am May 9th

    Love you Kris!! You are an Amazing mom!!! xxx

  7. Debbie Whittaker |  Posted at 11:56 am May 9th

    Happy Mothers Day Kris xoxoxo Is there nothing you can do isn’t that slander ??? I mean really people are so jealous of your families success, its really sad.. Please dont stop being the great fam that you are…

  8. Katrina Kat Aroz |  Posted at 4:06 pm May 9th

    kant stand her! AND WHO CARES! AND WHYYYYYYYYYYY if its NOT true did Kris retweet the story! stupid!

  9. Emily Sabol |  Posted at 8:48 am May 13th


  10. Talia Rice |  Posted at 8:43 am Jul 5th

    Kris what is one thing you would advise a mother who is looking into possibly being their child’s manager and getting them into business?

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