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Reading Justin Bieber’s new book “Just Getting Started” and look what I found! LOL


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  1. revert12 |  Posted at 12:52 pm Oct 4th

    Wow… …..My best friend KIM has just announced her wedding with a handsome millionaire shortly after they met on【===ŖićhWoo C0m=== 】…This is a dating site where you can meet rich successful men and classy gorgeous women

  2. Nai |  Posted at 10:01 am Oct 7th

    Kris you’re such a georgous woman,so beautiful and clever!!! BTW I will be glad if you made a worldwide giveaway of your uncredible staff because I don’t live in America and I love your brand/

  3. sue2882 |  Posted at 7:24 pm Oct 7th

    Hello Kris
    I have been trying to contact you and your lovely family for a long time. I really need your help.
    My name is Sue and I recently turned 30. About 14 years ago I had a plan for my life. I wanted by the time I turned 30 to be in a position where my life was completely in order. I gave up my life for my siblings after losing my mom 12 years ago to breast cancer. After her death all the plans that I had for my life, went out the window. It’s been hard because I miss her so much. I know that if my mom was alive life would be better. I would have brought in 30 with a bang. I want to be married. I want to be a mom. I want my own career. I want to be able to help my siblings when they need me. Its been a struggle for all of us. I honestly just gave up. I put my dreams on the back burner and they are still there. I am on the verge of losing my apartment and I will be homeless with no where to go. I have so much pressure on me because I refuse to let my siblings go without. Right now it has been very hard as I am not working. I have done jobs here and there to make ends meet. What hurts is doing things you would not normally do to survive. I hope that you receive this email and you are able to help me start up something of my own. I have ideas and I would like to put them to use. I am even thinking of a move to start over. I just want to be happy just like anyone else. I don’t use my mom’s passing as an excuse. I was not strong enough to deal and its affected my life. All I want is something positive for myself and my family.


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