Kim & Kanye’s MTV VMA Commercial!

Kim Kardashian Kanye West MTV VMAs Commercial

Kim shot this hilarious commercial for the VMAs with Kanye and presenter Kevin Hart. You guys have to see it, it’s so funny! I love watching the VMAs… do you guys watch? Such a fun awards ceremony!! XO


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  1. jeck2345 |  Posted at 3:20 pm Aug 8th

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  2. Haidee De Fraine |  Posted at 2:52 am Aug 9th
  3. lilaggie12 |  Posted at 8:37 pm Aug 10th

    I am re-doing my room and I LOVE Kylie’s fabric bulletin board wall and I was wondering if you or Kris could share how you did put it up and all. I just need some guidance on how to start. Thank you!
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  4. Valerie Flowers |  Posted at 1:39 am Oct 11th

    Toooooo funny!!! I vote for KKK, what do ya think?? lmao

  5. cubankraus |  Posted at 9:50 pm Oct 21st

    I can’t stop laughing! That’s so funny.

  6. charlibear1223 |  Posted at 8:37 pm Feb 2nd

    The Commercial was hillarious… “KKK”… The best three-sum in hollywood…

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