Jeeeez What’s all the Fuss About?!!!

Jeeeez what’s all the fuss about?!!! It’s just an innocent nip slip, happens to the best of us.


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  1. Nicolette Renee Baldwin |  Posted at 2:59 pm Oct 22nd

    I LOVE IT !! <3 You Look WONDERful WOMAN ! ;-)

    • wea1234 |  Posted at 4:00 pm Oct 22nd

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  2. Daphne Knapp Groenendal |  Posted at 3:04 pm Oct 22nd

    Love the costume and love you but not sure about the latest boob job … they look too fake. Aside from that, YOU are AMAZING!!!

    • uiedde |  Posted at 6:05 pm Oct 22nd

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    • teresajoerger |  Posted at 7:05 pm Oct 22nd

      Daphne who the hell do u think u are? U post a back ass comment then say her new boob job is screwed up. You’re no fucking doctor to have the balls to say that to her. How rude! U say u love her but knock her self esteem down. How would that make u feel?She’s a strong woman and probably laughing in ur face right now.

  3. Lisaah M. Percy |  Posted at 3:22 pm Oct 22nd

    blah blah blah. way to rip on her and then compliment her. that’s a back handed comment if i ever saw one. she looks amazing, her boobs look amazing, and you’d be lucky to look half as good as her at that age.

    • KathyBarrow |  Posted at 5:35 pm Oct 24th

      YEA, Try looking that good half her age even…!

  4. Ana Solomon |  Posted at 3:31 pm Oct 22nd

    I love to be wonder woman for this Halloween. to bad i dont have my children to celebrate with :(
    But you look great!!!!

  5. Heather Glosser |  Posted at 3:40 pm Oct 22nd

    love it!!! But really WTF Is going on with Khloe and LAMAR?? IS HE GOING TO LEAVE HER?!! IT’S VERY DISTURBING I LOVE THEM TOGETHER!!

    • KathyBarrow |  Posted at 5:31 pm Oct 24th

      Dont be concerned. In Touch is just trying to make some money! They know how much Khloe and Lamar are loved and just want your cash! I wouldnt believe any of it! puh leaze….Khloe would tell you, Bible, We are Unbreakable! No worries to all their fans! .

  6. Sarah L. D'Urso |  Posted at 4:40 pm Oct 22nd

    If you got it flaunt it !

  7. Carlos Suarez |  Posted at 4:41 pm Oct 22nd

    D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y my wonder woman..

  8. teresajoerger |  Posted at 7:23 pm Oct 22nd

    Kris u put the wonder in Wonder Woman It fits u perfectly! Ur wonderful inside and out! xo

  9. Alyson Ferris |  Posted at 7:38 pm Oct 22nd

    …and now we have the fake nipples! What a surprize from the Kardashian clan!. She is a wonder woman to have made so many millions for her uneducated (except for Kourtney & Rob) offspring, but at 60 years of age, she could look less tacky and with more style. Does anybody think she wanted the nip slip? MMMMMMMM

  10. HeatherPierce |  Posted at 8:01 pm Oct 22nd

    I agree with you, Kris…. I had read a blog this morning on this picture, I can’t stand peoples God Awful slurs, Just because you posted up a picture that showed your nips.. Were all Human… I happen to think you look great… Too many Jealous people, and too many people looking for attention on their blogs to make bad comments.. I just really wanna tell them to go F them selves… More power to you honey! Work it!! :]
    Twitter – HeatherPierce25

  11. Lisa Ann Zugschwert |  Posted at 8:03 pm Oct 22nd

    probably because you have to review the picture before you put it up on the internet so you obviously saw yours nipples hanging out but chose to put it up anyways for the attention…very inappropriate for such a classy woman, mother and grandmother..just sayin…

  12. alanadiva |  Posted at 10:22 pm Oct 22nd

    You look fab kris! No point in listening to the haters who have no life. Rock on Momager!

    • agegap123 |  Posted at 2:01 am Oct 23rd

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  13. Susan Tate |  Posted at 8:46 am Oct 23rd

    I know! NBD…I enjoy clothing malfunctions…but only in a healthy way!

  14. Lesley Calayag |  Posted at 12:52 pm Oct 23rd

    There’s not a whole lot of people your age who wouldn’t dare to dress in a wonder woman costume n show a nip slip, if Janet Jackson had a boob for the world to see (during superbowl half-time), why not you! :)

  15. Barbara Williams |  Posted at 8:43 pm Oct 23rd

    I’m NOT a hater, but Kris had to have seen the picture before she posted it. I use to really like her, but am losing respect for her as time goes by. I think it was awful the way she acted in the video that was made in the boat when they were on vacation. I don’t feel she is a very good role model as a grandmother or a mother. I would be so embarrassed if it was my mother….just sayin’

  16. bcardi |  Posted at 5:13 pm Oct 24th

    Kris, I think you are amazing, I love your style and flair that you have. My daughter is often making fun of me about the way I dress and will say oh is that your Kris Jenner suit – I love your style and think you should come up with a line of clothing yourself. I am going to be turning 60 in February and my daughter is asking what I would like for my birthday and I answer a day of shopping with Kris Jenner. Please my wish come true. I think your amazing.
    Bonnie in Montreal, Canada

  17. KathyBarrow |  Posted at 5:16 pm Oct 24th

    OK…Well, since everyone is just assuming Kris saw this before she posted it….Let me just say this. If you ever notice she wears glasses when she does her computer work. I bet she looked at the picture without her eye glasses on and thought it looked perfect! I am just guessing because I am about her age and know how easy it is to miss something like this without your eyes on! Get off her back though please and dont judge. This is HER page so you should show the same respect and honor you expect of her! Just saying! Big Fan and I know better! She didnt do this on purpose!

  18. Lisa BrownSkin Gilbert |  Posted at 5:19 pm Oct 24th


    • Lisa BrownSkin Gilbert |  Posted at 5:29 pm Oct 24th


  19. Stephanie Elaine Pifer |  Posted at 1:40 pm Oct 28th

    I think this just goes to show you how great your breast aug mentation doctor is. Those Nips just jumped right on up where they were supposed to be and said HI!!! LOL. Love ya Kris. Keep your head up and your eyes on god and everything else will work out.

  20. Matthew Jahnke |  Posted at 2:19 pm Nov 30th

    That’s a great picture! You forgot something. The golden Lasso, and the bulletproof bracelets!

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