I’m Going to Guest Co-Host on ‘The Talk’

Kris Jenner to Guest Co-Host The Talk and Today Show

Hi dolls!!! I’m so excited to tell you that I have been invited by the producers of The Talk to guest co-host for two weeks in September! I can’t wait to join the ladies and I know this will be such a fun experience.

I’ll also be guest co-hosting on The Today Show later this year! Stay tuned for all the info on that! Love you dolls!!!


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  1. Ashley Gentry Pepper |  Posted at 7:00 pm Aug 25th

    Love ya Kris,,, Ill be tuning in thats for sure. and I think that is funny you and sharron have almost the same cut…

  2. Debbie Amodeo |  Posted at 7:06 pm Aug 25th

    HUGE mistake…. leah and holly gone, CBS raitings will fall….. bye bye the talk

    • Ashland112 |  Posted at 7:42 am Sep 3rd

      I agree the show will be canceled very soon. The viewers really bonded with Leah and Holly. It was cruel the way Chen had them fired. Once again, she has job security only because of her sitting on a man’s lap. That is how she has gotten by her whole career. She couldn’t be a worse role model for woman. I hope Kris Jenner does not get any negative feedback because the audience is hurt by what Chen did to Holly and Leah. And I hope The Talk is canceled too. (Although I like Kris Jenner.) Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert are complete backstabbers. Can’t stand either of them anymore.

  3. Chelsey Beckham |  Posted at 7:25 pm Aug 25th

    as much as I love you Kris.. i will be tuning in for your episodes but then it will be no more ‘the talk’ for me with leah and holly gone &possibly sharon ..there will be no more talk :(
    sad to sayyy

    on happier notes !* can’t wait to see you on the show &can’t wait to read your book !
    you rock Kris! xo

  4. Michele Cansdale Kernan |  Posted at 3:47 am Aug 26th

    Great choice!!! You will be fabulous!

  5. Hagerman Linda |  Posted at 9:06 am Aug 26th

    Congrats Kris, you will do great. Hope they put you in permanently on the talk!!!

  6. Latechia |  Posted at 11:22 am Aug 26th

    I am excited, Love you DOLL

  7. boliqua |  Posted at 1:30 pm Aug 26th

    Can’t wait to see you on the show! Good luck

  8. Karina Garcia |  Posted at 2:45 pm Aug 26th

    love you kris!!!!:) i cant wait to see you on the talk kims wedding was beutiful i hope and wish her nothing but the best ..she looks soo happy in her honey moon iam glad shes such a good role model i look up to her alot but yeah lol cant wait to see you their xoxo:)

  9. Sacha |  Posted at 4:54 am Aug 27th

    Congrat’s Kris!
    So happy for you

  10. aamaziing |  Posted at 10:21 am Aug 28th

    How fun!! :) Congrats!

  11. Jjsylva |  Posted at 8:26 am Aug 29th

    Kris, You are amazing. Bruce is wonderful for you and you are an amazing mom, you are representing. Please do not get caught up in your physical appearance you are beautiful OUTSIDE and INSIDE. Peace. Friend of Bill Garnet which is a friend to Bruce.

  12. livelovelaugh |  Posted at 10:06 am Aug 29th

    I seriously think this is your calling Kris, you have so much to offer, thought you were fabulous on today with Kathy Lee!!!!!!Your thoughts, ideas, and values are like so many woman today, your honestly and beauty shows within! Can’t wait for the show and hoping to see you more often in talk show!

  13. Jillian18 |  Posted at 11:09 am Aug 29th

    Love you Kris but I will NOT be tuning in. I tried to watch this show and it was horrible. It was an embarrassment to women and made us look like a bunch of cackling, catty imbeciles. I don’t get the show’s appeal.

  14. Jillian18 |  Posted at 6:39 am Aug 30th

    Then again…maybe you will bring something to the show and and class it up a bit.

  15. Ashland112 |  Posted at 7:32 am Sep 3rd

    Kris, I think you’re a great lady. It’s obvious where your daughters and son get their good looks. Regarding The Talk, don’t get too cozy on that panel. As we all know, Julie Chen who has gotten every job she’s ever had because she sits on her bosses lap and she waves her husbands “manhood” around as if it were her own. She stabbed “her friends” Leah and Holly in the back, I hope she doesn’t throw you under a bus too. Sara Gilbert is afraid of her own shadow and goes along with boss Julie. The viewers are going to be very angry when the show starts up. No one should dare take it out on you. Julie Chen is the reason the show failed (and it will be canceled, as Chen burned the bridges with the audience who tuned in and appreciated Leah and Holly.) Good luck anyway, Kris. You are a good woman! Watch out for Julie Chen.

    • ilovemykitty89 |  Posted at 9:49 pm Sep 6th

      what are you talking about

  16. ilovemykitty89 |  Posted at 9:47 pm Sep 6th

    i cant wait to see you on the talk… i love the show im so saddd that leah and holly wont be returning :( i wanted to mention how in the pic above where you were on the talk before you said how you were tired of everyone saying doll… but you still do…lol its ok i still loveeee you and your family :)

  17. D |  Posted at 6:53 am Sep 13th

    WHEN will you be on the Talk???? iTS true Julie Chen is NOT being classy. She is so so lucky to be in that position. she needs to feel gratitude! Her husband is nasty too!

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