I Think I’m Shrinking!

Kris Jenner Kendall Kylie Getting Tall Shrinking

Look how tall Kendall and Kylie are getting! I think I’m shrinking!! LOL


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  1. ediesilver |  Posted at 9:26 pm May 24th

    oh my god so disgusting they’re teenagers at least wait until they’re 18 to be a total creep

  2. Sharde Walter |  Posted at 9:31 pm May 24th

    sick freak!

  3. Sunny Forsyth-Cerrato |  Posted at 9:32 pm May 24th

    Oh and Kris they are gorgeous and so are you!

  4. Sharde Walter |  Posted at 9:32 pm May 24th

    i love you kris! you totally are the glue and i think your girls though i love them all as if they were my sisters forgot that! i wish u were my mom. i would be proud to have the last name Kardashian and/or Jenner!

  5. Sunny Forsyth-Cerrato |  Posted at 9:33 pm May 24th

    You are a waste of oxygen Dave! Disgusting Pig! Come out of the dark ages and show some respect!!

  6. Lisa Annette Madrid |  Posted at 9:48 pm May 24th

    I love your family, you guys are so funny and so close together, you guys are awesome and so funny!!!!

  7. Katie Conklin |  Posted at 10:37 pm May 24th

    Kris, your girls are just growing, but Kendall should be done growing since she’s past 15, and Kylie is almost done growing too

  8. Lisa70 |  Posted at 8:24 am May 25th

    I think it’s sick to come on this woman’s website and talk that way about her daughters, they are young girls for crying out loud..Kris, your daughters are getting so tall. I remember when your show first started they were so little..I love your family, they are so much fun and love each other so much..I love how they stick up for each other and are so protective!

  9. runt17 |  Posted at 12:35 pm May 25th

    Dear Kris my name is Ashley and I am a 29 year old mother of three. I watch your show all the time and I think your are a great mom. My question for you is can you give me some tips on how to get into the modeling business it has always been my dream to become a model but I am from youngstown ohio and there is not alot of honest agencies around here and I dont have the money to just move to a big well known city.

  10. caromiss75 |  Posted at 2:08 pm May 25th

    You all Three look AMAZING……. Love the coral on you both. Actually Kylie is your height, she just has 6 inch platforms. Kendall is the tallest one but her shoes are stacked really high too. Tall is sexy, I’m tall as well 5’8 without heels.

  11. laurarizo |  Posted at 12:42 am May 30th

    Please I have been sending e-mails to Liz but she never answer, I know that you are really bussy but I need you help! please contact me!

  12. margi1 |  Posted at 2:58 pm May 30th

    Hi Kris, Love this photo..Love Love your family.. You are a strong business women and I admire that about you. I have just moved here from Australia to set up a Children’s Photography business and need all the advise I can get. I am very determined to be successful here in California and would love some advise from you..I am finding it very hard to kick it off and don’t want to give up. Thank you :) xxxx

  13. debbie1510 |  Posted at 11:43 am May 31st

    hello kris, you are very pretty girls and you are a great mom.
    I’m from belgium and I love your show to your family fun

  14. Sandra Ospino Hernandez |  Posted at 7:51 pm Aug 3rd

    I think your girls are like just another american girls, and people are harsh on you because you are a public figure and people like to judge, like they’re better, I don’t think so, you see a chance and you go for it, I’m from Colombia and that what my mother would also do, as any american mother with entrepreneurial head would do, so I have got to give you some credit. young people have changed, times have changes, and the way Kiley and Kendall are, are like just any another american girl.

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