Happy Birthday to My Amazing Husband

  • Kris Jenner Happy Birthday Bruce Husband Family Photos
  • Kris Jenner Happy Birthday Bruce Husband Family Photos
  • Kris Jenner Happy Birthday Bruce Husband Family Photos
  • Kris Jenner Happy Birthday Bruce Husband Family Photos
  • Kris Jenner Happy Birthday Bruce Husband Family Photos

Kris Jenner Happy Birthday Bruce Husband Family Photos

Happy birthday to my amazing husband Bruce!! I hope you have a beautiful day today. I also want to thank you for alllll you do for all of us… especially putting up with the drama we can certainly dish out on a daily basis!! You handle us all so well and I love that you are so chill and let it roll off of your back!!

You deserve a fabulous birthday and a blessed year!! I love you!!


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  1. DanielKardashian |  Posted at 8:26 am Oct 28th

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUCE! Have an amazing day! May your day be filled with lots of love and many surprises! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Kardash_Ireland |  Posted at 3:16 am Oct 29th

      Happy Birthday Bruce.. You are an amzing person

      Leanne – @Kardash_Ireland

  2. Kardashian Nation |  Posted at 8:51 am Oct 28th

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUCE!!! I had the pleasure of meeting you on one of my trips to Dash Calabasas..You took a picture with me and i was star-struck!! You are such an amazing father, athlete, speech person (dont the name sorry.lol) The only thing I was able to tell u that day was ” I love your family” omg how silly of me? you responded with “thank you, I do too” You made my whole year!:) :) I hope u have an awesome, amazing, wonderful day and many more to come! Much love from Athena in Santa Barbara! :) XO

    • kimmy |  Posted at 4:39 pm Oct 31st

      so cute. He is a motivational speaker and I would have loved to meet him that day. :) Your’e luck! Bruce ROCKS!

  3. Janet Villafranca Borromeo |  Posted at 8:56 am Oct 28th

    Happy Birthday Bruce!!! I wish you all the best, may you have many more b-days to come and enjoy your special day.

  4. Natalie Owens |  Posted at 12:40 pm Oct 28th

    Happy 62nd Birthday, Bruce Jenner! ♥

  5. Sheetal Shinde |  Posted at 1:13 pm Oct 28th

    Hey Happy BORN-day dear…. god bless ya :-)

  6. kardashian-gang |  Posted at 1:58 pm Oct 28th

    Happy Birthday Brucey! Hope you have the best day!

  7. Heather Glosser |  Posted at 6:55 pm Oct 29th

    yah bruce your the shit for putting up wth them,,,i hope ckris leaves kims nasty ass

  8. little thunder |  Posted at 4:00 pm Oct 31st

    Bruce be 62 of age & all it brings-no more surgery?

  9. little thunder |  Posted at 4:03 pm Oct 31st

    Give you JUDO’s for being captain of a crazy family!

  10. kimmy |  Posted at 4:38 pm Oct 31st

    Congrats Bruce.. happy birthday. Much love and respect going out to your family today. May Kim find peace and blessings always. I am not famous or rich.. but I do feel like everyone deserves to be healthy & happy and I pray she finds both. all your family!

  11. carley |  Posted at 7:36 pm Nov 3rd

    Oh sure, Kris Jenner is doing damage control while Kim is zipping off to Australia???

    We gave them three to 6 months in our betting pool. The way Kim was so disrespectful to Kris H during the days just before the wedding should have told him alot. He did say he felt like he wasn;t even about to get married. He should have acted on his feelings. He seemed sincere about truly loving Kim, yet she didn;t even tell him she had been married before! WTF! He will be fine and soon he will realize how he is SO much better off without Kim and her family running and ruining his life.

    Kim is such a SLORE! She can just go hide now.

    These 4 Kardashian women ALL NEED TO GO AWAY NOW! Poof! Just vanish into the dark! Go back to the cave in Armenia they crawled out of. Let them all get hairy faces and hairy arms and legs and WHY do we need to know they have bikini waxes? Just let them all grow their hair and let their true ‘ugly’ show. Even photos of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney when they were little girls they already had mustaches!

    They are all nothing but greedy money grabbing legends in their own minds!

    Kris Jenner needs to STOP what she is doing to all of them. Don;t destroy your two younger daughters as you have to the three others. It is sad, sick and pathetic to watch those young girls exposed to all the horrible talk and situations of their older skank-sisters.

    Our society needs to stop putting these people on a pedestal!
    They have done NOTHING to deserve celebrity status.

    Oh and how timely, Kris Jenner’s book is coming out tomorrow.
    Shame on her for saying she didn;t have time for her ‘best friend’ Nicole Brown when she knew Nicole was in trouble. And then Nicole was dead, murdered by OJ.

    To those who say the Kardashians are famous because of Robert Kardashian, Sr…the FACT is, Robert Kardashian the ‘lawyer’ was not a defense attorney at the time. He was a music industry attorney. He was only put on OJ’s defense team to protect him from having to testify against OJ. Robert Kardashian KNEW what OJ had done to Nicole. During the trial it was suspected Robert Kardashian and Al Cowling were WITH OJ and another man, as neighbors saw 4 men lurking in the dark that night.

    I do feel sorry for Bruce, the 2 younger girls and Robert Jr.
    They need to get away and get a life of their own.
    Save themselves while they can!

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