Happy Birthday Bruce!!!!

Kris and Bruce Jenner on Motorcycle in 1992 Old Family Photo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW so many years , so many memories!!! This pic feels like yesterday..Thank you for being the the best husband, the best dad, the best friend AND the Voice of Reason, The Rock, and everyone’s “GO TO“ Dad!!!!!!! We all love you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Kind of in the mood for a spin on the motorcycle now!


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  1. PureSweetness Joseph Blanchette |  Posted at 12:43 pm Oct 28th

    happy birthday Bruce

    • wea1234 |  Posted at 2:24 pm Oct 28th

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  2. Kimberly Marshall |  Posted at 12:44 pm Oct 28th

    Happy Birthday Bruce!

  3. Beatriz Lima |  Posted at 12:57 pm Oct 28th

    Happy b-day from Brazil!

  4. Julie Schaeffer |  Posted at 12:59 pm Oct 28th

    Happy Birthday Bruce!!

  5. Karen L Meyers Hartung |  Posted at 1:15 pm Oct 28th

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUCE :) Hope you have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. kiwi_ingenuity |  Posted at 1:31 pm Oct 28th

    Happy birthday Bruce! All the way from NZ!

  7. Romaine Balistreri |  Posted at 2:21 pm Oct 28th

    Happy Birthday Bruce, Have a great day and smile you look good when you smile, You are a very nice person and Kris is a lucky lady.

  8. ThaliaInvincible |  Posted at 2:33 pm Oct 28th

    Happy Birthdaaayee !

  9. humingbirdsrule |  Posted at 4:13 pm Oct 28th

    Happy Birthday Bruce!!!

  10. Joanne Bell |  Posted at 4:32 pm Oct 28th

    happy birthday Bruce xx

  11. alanadiva |  Posted at 7:24 pm Oct 28th

    Happy Birthday Bruce!
    btw, I love this pic of you guys. Very cool! :)

  12. Sabrina Cullen |  Posted at 8:57 pm Oct 28th

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  13. Buffie Smith |  Posted at 4:56 pm Oct 29th

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Bruce, Happy Birthday to you.

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