Happy 25th Birthday, Rob!

  • Kris Jenner Rob Kardashian Birthday Pregnant Photos
  • Kris Jenner Rob Kardashian Birthday Pregnant Photos
  • Kris Jenner Rob Kardashian Birthday Pregnant Photos
  • Kris Jenner Rob Kardashian Birthday Pregnant Photos

Kris Jenner Rob Kardashian Birthday Pregnant Photos

Happy 25th birthday to my wonderful, handsome son, Rob!! Rob, you are the best son a mother could ask for and you make me proud every day. I love you so much!!


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  1. KellieM |  Posted at 4:51 pm Mar 18th

    Kris, it is not all about you. Why would you post such a private picture on your blog for all to see and why on HIS birthday? No shame whatsoever. My son just had his birthday and I posted childhood pics of him on facebook…not pics of me and damn sure not topless pics to humiliate him. smfh disgusting.

    • erag |  Posted at 5:03 pm Mar 18th

      its always all about her!

    • Guest244 |  Posted at 5:26 pm Mar 18th

      Narcissism at its finest. Perpetually programming the masses to be empty self-absorbed psychos.

    • Angie Makovicka Dunn |  Posted at 6:44 am Mar 19th

      sorry kellie i dont agree with what you said about the pictures. Kris looks beauiful!!!

    • ticklemepink7 |  Posted at 2:34 pm Mar 19th

      Before today I have never really looked at a celebrity blog or the comments people leave, but looking at all these comments makes my blood boil. Who the hell do you think you are to question Kris? Just because she did something that doesn’t fit into your tiny bubble of morality, does not make it wrong or immoral. That is where you need to get a broader perspective of the world and realize that not everyone shares your ideas and beliefs about family, love, life, etc… Stop thinking you are better than people and stop thinking you have a right to bash others, because if it was YOUR CHILD being bullied I’m sure your heart would hurt. GET A CLUE

    • tracihg |  Posted at 10:39 pm Mar 22nd

      If it bothers you so much Why keep up with her and her life?? Your son may wish you were as COOL as Kris! Did you ever think of that!

    • Judy H Strickland |  Posted at 9:06 pm Jun 20th

      I totally agree. Kris has ALWAYS been all about KRIS. I’m not saying she doesn’t love her children, but my two sons would DIE A THOUSAND DEATHS if I posted a photo like this (and I have one – with clothes ON), but I could never embarrass them with it. It has almost always been Kris who pushed her children into things like Kim posing for Playboy, or modeling at such a young age for the younger girls. She gets her face into every red carpet picture with Kim or Khloe – any of the kids. And it seems that she totally forgets that nearly half of this family are JENNERS – NOT KARDASHIANS. I can’t imagine how it makes Bruce feel. She runs everything, does things behind Bruce’s back – like allowing the girls to pose for a post prison – PORN dealer – where does it stop. And you wonder why Kim has had a leaked sex video- this is one messed up family and it’s been Kris who has taught the girls to lie to Bruce to get what they want. Like in the first seaon when one of the younger girls wanted a puppy and Bruce adamently said NO. Well, Kris took her down and let her get it. She then lied to her Dad, telling him that it was her friend’s dog. They are learning well Kris. Lie, cheat, do whatever is necessary to get what you want. A really great mom. Bruce needs to stand up to her more, but she’d just do it behind his back so I think he’s given up on even trying any more. So sad.

  2. Ken Walters |  Posted at 5:16 pm Mar 18th

    If she didn’t have big bucks, she wouldn’t be found attractive at all. erag, you’re right. It’s all about her.

  3. Guest244 |  Posted at 5:26 pm Mar 18th

    She may be famous, but who said anyone finds her attractive?

  4. Jennifer Cashin McDonnell |  Posted at 6:53 pm Mar 18th

    Have you looked at Kris Jenner? No matter if she is rich or poor the woman is beautiful!! Have you watched her shows? She loves her kids!!! Good for you Kris to show when you were truely all about your son. Happy Birthday Rob!

    • erag |  Posted at 7:22 pm Mar 18th

      If it was about Rob, this would be a picture or Rob not Kris.

  5. Rebecca Christiansen |  Posted at 7:28 pm Mar 18th

    Jennifer – looks are not it – she loves her kids as long as they are making enough money to warrant her 10%. What makes this show you she’s all about her son? I don’t follow your logic – wait, it is logic right?

    • ticklemepink7 |  Posted at 2:20 pm Mar 19th

      It sounds to me like you have a lot of resentment for this woman and her family whom you don’t even know. Who are you to say she doesn’t care for her family? Because she is SUCCESSFUL does not mean she puts fame before her family. I think you have too much time on your hands and you should find a hobby other than bashing celebrities over the internet. You do realize you fit into the category of being an internet bully? If you have children hopefully they don’t take after your example. It makes me sick when ANYONE of ANY age, race, or size, makes an effort to talk negative about others and put them down. Shame on you for taking your own insecurities out on others. If this woman makes you sick then you should probably remove yourself from her blog. I mean, I sure as hell wouldn’t follow any person, celebrity or not, If I had any ill feelings and assumptions towards them. Life is too short to hate others, especially people who you don’t know and who have never done anything to you personally.

  6. Theresa Wemhoff |  Posted at 5:08 am Mar 19th

    You are a totally disgusting woman. What you and the majority of your family does just to garner attention is totally sick. Can’t stand any of them

    • tracihg |  Posted at 10:42 pm Mar 22nd

      Then Why did you JOIN HER PAGE! If you dont like them Then dont KEEP up with them! It`s that simple!

  7. Lisa_3_ |  Posted at 5:44 am Mar 19th

    Beautiful pic Kris! Happy B-day to Rob!

  8. GentleMama |  Posted at 6:40 am Mar 19th

    Happy Birth Day to you both! Every mama deserves the right to be proud of her birthing belly and yours is lovely! <3 :)

  9. Angie Makovicka Dunn |  Posted at 6:46 am Mar 19th

    Happy Birthday Rob!

  10. Marilyn Scroggin |  Posted at 7:33 am Mar 19th

    Kris is a BEAUTIFUL Woman. She is the Backbone to her VERY Successful family. It really is about her, BUT, I really don’t think she puts it out there in that way. I think she truely meant to put this out there in a way that says to her Son & the World, How truely SPECIAL her Son is to her & that her pregnancy was just as Special. U Go Kris Jenner with ALL that You are! I think YOU are the GREATEST! U ROCK!

    • Lynette Kilpatrick |  Posted at 12:32 pm Mar 19th


    • Rebecca Christiansen |  Posted at 12:49 pm Mar 19th

      I love all these women in their mid-life crisis years digging on the embarrassing actions of Kris Jenner. Marilyn can you tell me what is successful in your mind? A family that has no personal moment they won’t sell for public consumption? Is that success for you? How sad.

  11. kaykay969 |  Posted at 8:24 am Mar 19th

    This is a really disgusting photo to post on a website celebrating your son’s birthday! It’s completely tasteless and inappropriate. If she had a shirt on and had pulled it up to show just her belly, that’s fine. But standing there completely topless is sickening! But, they are the Kartrashians. That should explain it – the whole family is disgusting!

    • tracihg |  Posted at 10:48 pm Mar 22nd

      Here again someone who will say nasty things about them But yet they JOIN HER PAGE TO KEEP UP WITH HER! GET A LIFE who are you to say whats tasteless, You cant even see her BREAST!

  12. Shari Metcalf |  Posted at 9:24 am Mar 19th

    You know, I’m really tired of hearing people put other people down! There’s nothing wrong with a body pic.! The body is beautiful, not disgusting or tasteless or inappropriate! You can’t see her breast so whats the difference if she has a shirt on or not? You say she’s sick and disgusting! Why? Because she’s got money and famous? What gives you all the right to show so much hate towards anyone!!?? Thats whats wrong with the world today! There’s no respect for anyone anymore! And I guess you all think your sooooo much better then everyone else! There’s nothing wrong with the picture or the fact she posted it! There is however a problem with people being so nasty towards eachother! I’m not perfect!! Far from it!! But, I was raised to respect my fellow man! Yes, I understand you have the right to like or dislike. It would be just as effective to simply say “No, I don’t like the picture!” Uncalled for the name calling!! Come on people, REALLY?

    • Rebecca Christiansen |  Posted at 12:52 pm Mar 19th

      Shari, I’m tired of people presenting themselves as a “family” when in fact they are gypsies flitting from money-making opportunity to money-making opportunity while the lemming public just follows along. I read these comments for laughter first but then it bothers me when women defend this group of grifters. Success is not selling every moment of your life for a buck. She is sick and disgusting because she sells her life – no matter how personal for money. That is obnoxious. I don’t hate Kris Jenner, I feel sorry for her. She is so attention starved that she constantly puts herself into the public arena with more and more personal info. Does anyone remember her first husband – the one she cheated on – he helped a double-murderer go free…?? I mean please, this guy beat the crud out of the woman for years before he murdered her and the much heralded Kardashian Dad assisted in getting him off..Kris Jenner wouldn’t say a word about it until her family got famous and she even sold that event for money. The woman has no standards.

  13. Becky Montgomery |  Posted at 9:55 am Mar 19th

    Happy Birthday Rob! Loved you on Dancing with the stars! Love your pictures Kris!! My beautiful daughter is turning 25 in May, wouldn’t be great if they somehow could meet??? They are at at a wonderful time of there life and you can’t have to many friends!!! We love all of you! Hope to hear back from you! We have family in California and I think of you and and your family when we visit there.

  14. Lynette Kilpatrick |  Posted at 12:31 pm Mar 19th


  15. Lee Ann Hormozian |  Posted at 4:59 pm Mar 19th

    While i think a pix of you pregnant with your son was a sweet thought,no kid wants to see their Mom half nude posted on his b-day for all the public to see! Sorry Kris, FAIL!

  16. p-mom |  Posted at 9:28 pm Mar 19th

    Kris, it’s your choice to post what you like. But I think it’s a bit distasteful. I’m not a big fan of such pictures (even those “tastefully” done by professionals” ) splashed across magazine covers. As Lee Ann said, sweet thought, but it seems like there are better ways to wish your child a happy birthday.

  17. mskatyj |  Posted at 11:23 am Mar 22nd

    Wow SO many haters. Happy becoming a mom day, Krys. It gets no better than that! Love the picture.

  18. Deezil |  Posted at 6:03 pm Mar 22nd


  19. Deezil |  Posted at 6:03 pm Mar 22nd

    TWO TIMES!!!

  20. Deezil |  Posted at 6:04 pm Mar 22nd

    Annnnd THREE TIMES Because I drank some Gatorade!

  21. snark |  Posted at 6:39 pm Mar 22nd

    You look BEAUTIFUL, Kris~* Nudity is beautiful, this isn’t porn people – not suggestive or dirty either. It’s a feminine, innocent nude pregnancy picture, you judgmental prudes. Negative people should mind their own business. How you see the world is a reflection of your own mind- if you see disgusting, sick, obnoxious reality or anything negative it is a reflection of your mind, energy and inner world. Pedophilia and abuse are disgusting, not the human figure or glamor or pictures shared with love and joy.

  22. Siszkay |  Posted at 7:58 pm Mar 22nd

    Kris, You are beautiful & so is your family! You are a mother that loves your children.
    It gets me how many people are soooo jealous of other people that “have more than them” in this world & how they have to be the judge & jury of others……whether it be looks, talent, fame, or fortune. I have been told many times that I look liike Kim, (but I have blue eyes). My philosopy is….don’t be jealous, make it happen in your own life…..whether it be talent, fame, or fortune. People say nasty things about others because they “wish they had it”. I say, Kris…….you go girl, the sky is the limit!

  23. Evie McDougald Cox |  Posted at 8:13 pm Mar 22nd

    I think she is a beautiful woman and she dearly loves her kids. I’d give anything to have a pic of my mom pregnant with me.

  24. Mia Nessa |  Posted at 10:07 pm Mar 22nd

    Cool:) I love this Picture, I wish I had taken a picture of my belly like that when I was pregnant!

  25. hector perez |  Posted at 4:39 am Mar 23rd


  26. julesjarman |  Posted at 6:37 am Mar 23rd


  27. Bren Manning Parks |  Posted at 8:28 am Mar 23rd

    Look, it’s a lving. They have become very public. Kris is a great Mom. She had an oppurtunity, she took it. Now her family is making the bucks. She is beautiful, the kids are gorgeous. Kris has made a Dream come true for herself and her kids. Nothing wrong with being beautiful and pregnant and showing the world, other women have done it. Publicity is publicty. You need it when your making a TV show, to get people to come watch. Kris has done a great job. Even if some of the situations on the show seem staged. At least they keep people watching.

  28. greshamjennifer |  Posted at 9:27 pm Aug 26th

    Happy Birthday Rob!

  29. greshamjennifer |  Posted at 9:36 pm Aug 26th

    Kris and Kim are the most selfish people. Poor Rob. He isn’t making mommy rich so he gets pushed aside. Mommy dearest! Kris and Kim are all about the attention and the greed. I hope Lamar helps Rob with his endeavors. Rob needs a male role model in his life.

  30. Molly Hadson |  Posted at 9:56 am Aug 28th

    Not sure where to leave this comment but I don’t watch/buy/google any Kardashian except Kim. For example, I absolutely want to wear the makeup/hair products that Kim wears. If it’s on one of the other sisters, the product is on my do-not-buy list only b/c I do not like the way the product looks on the others.

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