Family Music Video: Lady Marmalade

Kris Jenner Kardashian Family Music Video Lady Marmalade Moulin Rouge

You dolls have to see this!! Kendall and Kylie LOVE to make videos for their blog so whenever we get the whole family together they come up with an elaborate music video idea… this time it was for ‘Lady Marmalade’ by Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink and Lil Kim!!

We shot it last year during our family Christmas Card shoot. What do you guys think!!?

Watch here!!


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  1. Willianee Cunha |  Posted at 12:24 pm Apr 3rd

    Is so funny. you guys are amazing. LOVE YOU ALL. PLEASE COME TO BRAZIL.

  2. Steven D'Amore Jr. |  Posted at 12:27 pm Apr 3rd

    You guys are a lovable family i don’t care what the media says about you all. Also i wonder how Bruce feels lately as hes on Wheaties again :)

  3. Janeth Fernandez Sarmiento |  Posted at 12:46 pm Apr 3rd

    loved it! u guys are so funny!

  4. Ashley Gentry Pepper |  Posted at 12:51 pm Apr 3rd

    awe! I love both of the music videos that I have seen from your family…

  5. magistrate08 |  Posted at 3:03 pm Apr 3rd

    You all are simply AMAZING! This is so too cute!! Kris your book was wonderful! Just know you ALL own “E”!!!

  6. fashionhalucynation |  Posted at 5:59 am Apr 4th

    I love your video, would u be my MANAGER, MOMAGER? :)

  7. June James |  Posted at 8:39 am Apr 4th

    Kris you are so fine my sweet!

  8. caromiss75 |  Posted at 9:44 am Apr 4th

    That was awesome…. Loved it!!

  9. Thomas Lee III |  Posted at 5:05 pm Apr 4th

    You Kardashians know how to have fun.

  10. Louann Dewalt |  Posted at 3:41 pm Apr 6th

    loved it!!

  11. Sweet Princess |  Posted at 8:57 pm Apr 6th

    Kris, in my personal opinion you’re the most gorgeous of all!

  12. jezzabelle |  Posted at 2:20 am Apr 7th

    Luv it luv it lu it……

  13. Eness Robson |  Posted at 6:47 pm Apr 7th

    Good looking people, I agree with Sweet Princess that Momager is the most gorgeous also I like the Kanye-Kim connection if it’s true

  14. kbj |  Posted at 5:27 pm Apr 12th

    I Love u Love your shows I’m a # 1 fan of all the Kardashian’s

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