Dinner in Vegas

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Kris Jenner Dinner Vegas Mike Snedegar

Had the most delicious dinner with my friend @mikesnedegar after the fab @kardashiankhaos party!


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  1. Llissel Milton |  Posted at 9:52 am Oct 14th

    Is that raw meat? :S

    • abbajhj |  Posted at 10:11 am Oct 14th

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  2. Ashleygirl |  Posted at 11:57 am Oct 14th

    You need to start acting your age & get your act together! You’re a real embarrassment to your kids! I would be mortified if my mother if acted the way you did! I’m sure you’ve cheated on Bruce by now, plenty of times, but he’s just as much to blame because he’s just a puss for putting up with your childish antics.

    • Todd L Johnson |  Posted at 1:12 pm Oct 14th

      Kris is a very classy lady period!

    • uiedde |  Posted at 6:39 pm Oct 14th

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  3. Todd L Johnson |  Posted at 1:11 pm Oct 14th

    What did you have?

  4. Kelsi Mckechnie |  Posted at 1:28 pm Oct 14th

    don’t listen to the haters ♥ Wish i could of met you at your meet and greet :( love you! xoxoxo

  5. Finlay William Oliver Enriquez |  Posted at 1:02 pm Oct 15th

    i love her she is a amazing mother who cares for her kids and her family…

  6. Liz Young |  Posted at 7:55 am Oct 21st

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