Congrats Robert!

Kris Jenner - Congratulations Rob Arthur George Sock Line Hits Neiman Marcus
Rob’s new sock line Arthur George hit the sales floor at Neiman Marcus yesterday!! I am SO proud of Rob! This is a dream come true for him and I just know Arthur George is going to fly off the shelves. Congrats Robert!!!


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  1. wea1234 |  Posted at 6:19 pm Nov 2nd

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  2. kiwi_ingenuity |  Posted at 6:30 pm Nov 2nd

    All of these socks look really nice. Especially the ones this end, bottom row, second from the right… Congratulations Robert!!

  3. Kim Jones |  Posted at 6:46 pm Nov 2nd

    maybe you can google the term” hook up rich men”

  4. Katy Marie Pitts |  Posted at 6:55 pm Nov 2nd

    Congrats Rob!!

  5. Grace Oce |  Posted at 7:16 pm Nov 2nd

    Big Congratulations on Rob!!! here from Jakarta

  6. Trish Lewis |  Posted at 7:25 pm Nov 2nd

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    • Jill Tidwell |  Posted at 7:26 pm Nov 2nd

      Congrats Robert.

  7. alanadiva |  Posted at 8:18 pm Nov 2nd

    Wow! They are gorgeous socks! I hope they will become available online as I am in Australia & would love to buy them for male family members. They are truly fabulous socks!

  8. Sako Dishyan |  Posted at 10:26 pm Nov 2nd

    Best of Luck to Rob and the Kardashian family…..

  9. Melissa 'Foley' Burt |  Posted at 11:00 pm Nov 2nd

    Awesome. I am going to get some for Christmas presents. I am so excited for him.

  10. Lamia Itani |  Posted at 12:37 am Nov 3rd

    very nice all the best for him

  11. Tina Bosnjak |  Posted at 6:59 am Nov 3rd

    Congrats ROB!

  12. Liz Young |  Posted at 7:31 am Nov 5th

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  13. teresajoerger |  Posted at 7:56 am Nov 5th

    Rob – these socks are AWESOME! And talk about lauching them in one of the or THE most high end department store is a raise the roof accomplishment. Kudos to you Water Bug. You so deserve it. Are they also going to be sold online as well? I’m a lucky person. I have 6 Neimans within a 15 mile Radius of where I live in a Dallas suburb. The socks are beautiful, manly and metrosexual. Thanks for helping me with my Christmas list!! A little piece of trivia for ya. Stanley Marcus was one of the founders of Neiman Marcus. When he passed he had no family left. My husband and I purchased his home. We lived there for about 10 years. You should read his bio when u have time. The part about how he learned what it took to become a successful salesman is a good part of his story. His initiative and the responsibilities it took to be successful was amazing.

  14. teresajoerger |  Posted at 8:05 am Nov 5th

    My bad… I forgot to leave the link to Stanley Marcus’ bio link:

  15. Monica Sproles |  Posted at 1:54 pm Nov 5th

    Congrats Rob <3 i remember watch yall tv show and u waz tryin to get ur sock line up and goin.. Well now u do and i happy for ya.. Congrats Again <3

  16. prettyrose33 |  Posted at 8:30 pm Nov 5th

    Congrats to Rob! The socks look stunning! I work for Johnathan, Kris. I am his assistant and have been pushing Rob’s new sock line on my facebook and other places too! Johnathan is a great guy and I am glad you guys are hooked up with him!

  17. Aline Marinho |  Posted at 2:54 pm Nov 17th

    Congratulations Robert wish much success to you
    ‘m from Brazil would like the socks were sold on line maybe one day? rs

  18. missanna |  Posted at 11:11 am Nov 27th

    gonna buy some socks from Rob K.

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