Can’t Wait for My Talk Show!!

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Kris Jenner - Can't Wait for My Talk Show

Thanks for the amazing meeting FOX!!! Can’t wait for my talk show!! Woohoo!


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  1. wea1234 |  Posted at 5:50 pm Feb 1st

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  2. alanadiva |  Posted at 7:26 pm Feb 1st

    I honestly can’t wait either! Am so happy that you got this deal. You will be so fantastic! You are just fabulous Kris! :)

    • 3322 |  Posted at 7:29 pm Feb 1st

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  3. kelsim23 |  Posted at 8:44 pm Feb 1st

    Will be on in New Zealand!? i hope it is xo

  4. Pam Gacioch Kroll |  Posted at 7:05 am Feb 2nd

    sounds exciting but when will it start kris???

    • lord23 |  Posted at 11:02 am Feb 4th

      Hopefully never!!!!!

  5. lord23 |  Posted at 11:24 am Feb 2nd

    Hello again!

    • lord23 |  Posted at 11:31 am Feb 2nd

      How can you be proud of yourself knowing your only famous because your daughter sold her tape? And you helped her! How do you look at yourself in the mirror? Now she is still married but preggos by idoit has been rapper? You are not normal family! Bye

  6. lord23 |  Posted at 11:36 am Feb 2nd

    hahahahahaha everyone is pointing their fingers at your family and laughing hahahahahahahaha

  7. Ganishe Osmani Imeri |  Posted at 12:09 pm Feb 3rd

    Hello Mrs.Kris Jenner can you please answer me on the facebook message please

  8. lord23 |  Posted at 7:58 pm Feb 3rd

    You need to control your kkkrazy daughters! They look ridiculous on twitter! Haha making more awful news! Kimmie is still traeh

  9. lord23 |  Posted at 11:05 am Feb 4th

    Do you have a naughtily & nice chair?!?! Why would you advertise you are grandma!! Perverted!

  10. lord23 |  Posted at 11:12 am Feb 4th

    America is sick of you child abusers! Cheaters! Liars! Monrey grubbing leeches!

  11. lord23 |  Posted at 6:56 pm Feb 4th

    People are sick of you! I don’t want gimmie kimmies ugly life! Your right my time is percious! Stop telling people they are just. Jealous of you sickening people!

  12. alanadiva |  Posted at 11:24 pm Feb 4th

    I’ve already said it, but i’ll say it again as I just saw this post again lol. I am SO excited for this show Kris! You will be so amazing! I have been wishing you would do something for like this for quite a while. You will totally rock it! All my love xx

  13. pupmad1 |  Posted at 12:49 pm Feb 5th

    wow that sounds like loads of fun x

  14. Matthew Jahnke |  Posted at 12:42 pm Feb 6th

    When does it come out?

  15. lala lisa |  Posted at 8:24 pm Feb 6th

    Wow! I saw you on THE VIEW today (gorgeous by the way) and heard you talking about your new show…and I can’t wait! I would love to hear your views on women in the buisness world more in debth. I love fashion and have lots of great ideas as well as sketches. So it would be nice to get some advice from the QUEEN of! Oh yeah…and when the Kardashian Kollection is ready to add a K-Plus line, feel free to look me up. lol But seriously…us size 18 dolls would love to have the look also…it’s horrible …the clothing selection sickens me when all I want is to be sexy…casual…comfortable. Not a horizontal-striped pumpkin…or a colorblocked trashbag! lol Sorry for the venting…but I love you guys’ style…and can’t wait for the show! Oh yeah…and CONGRATULATIONS!!

  16. lord23 |  Posted at 8:20 am Feb 7th


  17. Suzanne |  Posted at 12:18 am Feb 12th

    Kris…I know how difficult it is to raise daughters. My twins are now age 29. Kim needs a good talking to. She is not yet divorced and is pregnant by another guy. Maybe Khloe can convince her to keep a quiet profile for awhile? The pic in Rio was a disaster!! People really do care and if she keeps this up it could ruin your “Kardashion” program. BTW I am the grandmother to a three year old boy and a six month old boy. Isn’t it fun?

  18. ggooopp |  Posted at 7:08 am Feb 12th

    I can’t waut either!! Congaratulations!!!

  19. lord23 |  Posted at 4:56 am Feb 16th

    Kris Jenner loves for her daughters to show their naked bodies and sinful ways everywhere! That is what she markets! The world knows what you people really are!!!!!

  20. Renee Lynn Garnett |  Posted at 1:12 pm Feb 19th

    DONT ANY OF YOU KARDASHIANS OR JENNERS ( OR WHATEVER YOUR GOING BY THIS WEEK KRIS…) Care that EVERYONE inside the “BIZ” and out LOATH everything you all stand for???? You are sooooooo oblivious to how you are preceived!!! Kim is a skanK…Kourtney is a K*&%…and Kloe is Klueless! As for you mama K… You are Kruella throught and through!!!!

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