California Christmas!

My stepson Brandon‘s beautiful wife Leah has just released her amazing Christmas album called California Christmas! It’s full of fun Christmas songs so make sure you guys check it out on iTunes! Happy holidays, everyone!! XOXO


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  1. Emily Marie Messick |  Posted at 1:17 pm Dec 11th

    Wow!!!!!!!!! They are TALENTED!!!!!! This is AMAZING!!!!!!!

    • ew789 |  Posted at 3:03 pm Dec 11th

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  2. Sonia Gonzalez |  Posted at 1:27 pm Dec 11th

    LOVE her voice :)

    • 3322 |  Posted at 3:12 pm Dec 11th

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  3. Christine Francis Walker |  Posted at 1:51 pm Dec 11th

    Very nice, what a beautiful voice.

  4. Diana DeMartino |  Posted at 6:32 pm Dec 11th


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