Baby it’s Cold Outside!!!

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Kris Jenner - Baby its Cold Outside


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  3. Mylène Sauvageau |  Posted at 12:28 am Jan 26th

    It’s look like Montreal

  4. Naazneen |  Posted at 4:12 am Jan 26th

    I Have only recently started following your shows although its difficult as I am in South Africa, however I just want you to know that you are an amazing mom! You are a great inspiration to me! You very seldom find someone of such amazing success and good fortune to be so humble and loyal to very deep rooted standards. Thank You for allowing us to share in your life…

  5. alanadiva |  Posted at 4:16 am Jan 27th

    Looks lovely! :) Kris – hold your head up high. You have a beautiful family & no matter what the tabloids & haters say – you guys are amazing & you are such a cool mum. Not just cool, but ‘real’ & understanding. Lots of respect! xx

    • lord23 |  Posted at 12:20 pm Feb 2nd

      She should care what the haters say! If you don’t deal with stuff it never goes away! It just gets bigger and bigger! Which it has! Khole should not be saying things about Kris H to media! Why is khole famous? Cu’s her sister made a tape and sold it!!!!!

  6. fxbxcnru45745 |  Posted at 10:47 pm Jan 27th

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  7. brooke b |  Posted at 6:55 am Jan 28th

    Wow that looks really crazy out there hate to fly in that weather.

  8. Alex Pahomoff |  Posted at 10:46 am Feb 1st

    This is in LA?

    At us in Ukraine is many snow now :)

  9. lord23 |  Posted at 6:00 pm Feb 3rd

    Hi again!!!

  10. lord23 |  Posted at 6:02 pm Feb 3rd

    Time to face all the lies you’ve told!

  11. lord23 |  Posted at 6:04 pm Feb 3rd

    Kim site is a fake! If you don’t worship her you get viciously attacked! Then blocked! Any ways your 15 minutes are up!

  12. lord23 |  Posted at 11:00 am Feb 4th

    Did you have your vodka for breakfast!?! Bet you did! You always do!

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