A Huge Congratulations to Kourtney and Scott

Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant Pregnancy Us Magazine Cover Congratulations Baby Number 2

A HUGE big CONGRATULATIONS to Kourtney and Scott! Nothing is more precious or dear to my heart than my children and grandchildren and we couldn’t be happier to share this amazing news!! Another amazing addition to our family and we feel completely blessed!!

PRAISE GOD from whom all blessing flow!!! You guys are amazing parents and we love you soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


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  1. theresa1 |  Posted at 6:36 am Nov 30th

    Congratulations Kourtney and Scott!!! Maybe you’ll have a girl this time…and she’ll be just as adorable as Mason.

    • @Kardash_Ireland |  Posted at 12:11 pm Dec 7th

      Awww bless

  2. Ginny Allen |  Posted at 8:47 am Nov 30th

    congratulations Kourtney and Scott!!!!! big brother mason will love his sissy or brother!!!!

  3. DanielKardashian |  Posted at 8:48 am Nov 30th

    OMG! Congrats to Kourtney and Scott! This is amazing news and it made my day! I’m beyond happy! So happy for them and baby Mason!

  4. Leandro Rocha |  Posted at 8:49 am Nov 30th

    Yeeah! I’m happy for Kourt *-* A lot of Kisses from a Brazilian Fan *-*

  5. Ashley Craft |  Posted at 9:02 am Nov 30th

    <3————–FR: PIKEVILLE, KY—————-<3

  6. Vanesa Vanita |  Posted at 9:19 am Nov 30th

    congrat for Kourt and Scott,cant believe when i read this morning on facebook this incredibles news!!congrat 4 you too,gonna be such and lovely grandma!!!love you!!

  7. Kardashian Nation |  Posted at 10:09 am Nov 30th

    Congrats Kourt!!! I was sooo happy when I found out this morning!! Cant wait to see the new precious addition! XO

  8. Sarah Multin |  Posted at 10:10 am Nov 30th

    congrat kourtney and scott!!!!!! i hop you have a girl this time!

  9. a.jdoll |  Posted at 11:04 am Nov 30th

    Congratulations to them both I know how much Kourtney longed for her second baby! she is such a loving mother and I can’t wait to see what she has! xxx

  10. chortlechuckle |  Posted at 8:56 pm Nov 30th

    Seriously? While keeping your mouth shut recently, how about you teach keeping your legs closed, too. When is the 14-year-old going to announce out of wedlock pregnancy or God Forbid a sextape? You need to keep your mouths shut for once. I’m sure Kourtney’s father and deceases grandparents are rolling in their graves!!!

  11. chortlechuckle |  Posted at 9:11 pm Nov 30th

    Yet you actually had the audacity to chastize Khloe about giving bad press to the “brand” due to her weight gain? At least she is married, no out of wedlock children and no “leaked” sextapes. Just goes to show, while you may need a license to drive, morons don’t need a licnese to procreate and pretent to be a mother. Shame on you yet again, Kris. Your kids have no morals because of YOU!

  12. BAE2011 |  Posted at 10:32 am Dec 1st

    Just another day in the life of the Kardashian Slut Parade. And Kris Jenner is so proud! I feel sorry for these grandchildren – being raised by vapid and soul-less family that will obviously do ANYTHING for a buck. Poor kids – the slut mom’s will be pandering them before they can walk…

  13. BAE2011 |  Posted at 10:36 am Dec 1st

    And finally, an alley cat in heat has more moral tendencies than Kris Jenner – much less her Ho tribe.

    Having another of your out of wedlock daughters getting knocked up is not going to give you the public “blessing” of forgiveness for that KK wedding fiasco. Sorry – another one knocked up is the cherry on the top of what a poor excuse for a mother you are – no matter how YOU try and spin it.

  14. donnakawinski |  Posted at 6:13 pm Dec 1st

    Kris, I love your family and I want to ask your advice on something. My 23 yr. old daughter, Courtney, is interested in getting into the modeling business. Where do I start and what advice to you have for me?

    • BAE2011 |  Posted at 3:08 pm Dec 3rd

      Well DonnaKawinski – Have her publicize a tape of her getting a golden shower from a black man with a huge penis. Then, of course, the obligatory multiple nude photo shoots. But please don’t forget to that its really necessary marry an American Icon (such a Bruce Jenner) else no one will even look at you. Until you start dragging his reputation through the mud… Duh!

  15. missemily89005 |  Posted at 4:23 pm Dec 3rd

    hi kris ilove ilove your family ilove you somuch congratulions kourtney and scott

  16. shannon3711 |  Posted at 7:22 pm Dec 3rd

    congrat’s Kourtney and Scott very happy for you your baby # 2 will be just as cute and adorable as Mason, can’t wait to see baby # 2

  17. paranomi_87 |  Posted at 2:26 am Dec 6th

    helloooooooo mrs kris … i am maria from Cyprus :) I am so happy for Kourtney :) you have amazing family ..amazing childrens … you are very inspiration person to me … you are a mentor …:) i hope answer to me some day :) best wishes .. love you so much @paranomi_87

  18. lizziesunshine |  Posted at 9:15 am Dec 13th

    While we all can’t be as “righteous” as chortlechuckle or BAE2011….We are excited about baby #2!

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